The HOPE Project

We are trained staffs who support the children in their daily well-being.

We give support to children who need extra help coping with everyday challenges that they might face.

These challenges can come from Family break up, anxiety or panic attacks, bereavement or other well- being concerns. We provide strategies to children who struggle with their emotions and understanding their feelings.

We are all aware of how children can worry and how it can interfere with their learning ability while at school. In supporting the children with their well-being and emotions we can help target their learning in class.

These sessions run in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 in an afternoon, twice a week.

There is a process for children to access this support, which requires parental permission.

Please speak to Miss Natalie or Miss Paula for further information.

Please click HERE for HOPE project information.

Please click HERE for a HOPE permission slip.

Please click HERE for a HOPE referral form.

Please click HERE for HOPE referral criteria.